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After 5 years in agency work, I decided to start my own consultancy to address a need I saw as outstanding. Businesses face the challenge of whether to hire an organizational leader (project manager, COO, etc.) in order to steady the workload and pursue new business—or—burn out employees pursuing new business in order to afford hiring the organizational leader. Second Gear was founded on the idea that you can have both by partnering with a consultant.

While running my own business has been a challenge and a success within itself, I find that I am ready to take on a position at an established company and affect change and positive outcomes from the inside.

Second Gear Co. // 02.2016 – Present

Owner/Lead Strategist

Big River // 02.2014 – 02.2016

Junior Project Manager, 02.2014 – 03.2015 // Promotion: Project Manager, 04.2015 – present

Epiphany: Promotion // 05.2013 – 02.2014

Account Executive

Epiphany // 08.2012 – 05.2013


Virginia General Assembly // 11.2008 – 01.2010

Legislative Analyst under Del. Brink

Richmond City Council // 06 – 08.2009




Basecamp (New/Classic) Project Management Software

Customer Relationship Management Software

Verify: Website Usability Testing

SEO/SEM Management

Google Analytics


Tools for Learning




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